Revolutionary Spring Guided Interdental Brush

The new generation of interdental brush is here to give the ultimate oral experience. Its unique design, developed by a dentist, aims to address common issues associated with traditional interdental brushes, such as bending, breaking, and the need for coordinated movements. Indeed, the ultimate goal of designing the Springbrush was to cater to individuals who face difficulties in using standard interdental brushes or find them hard to coordinate. The Springbrush aims to simplify the process of cleaning between teeth, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of individuals.

clean where your toothbrush cannot reach


The Springbrush’s unique mechanism eliminates the need for significant wrist exertion or force during cleaning. It is the only interdental brush that cleans between teeth with one push motion. No pull action required. Imagine! HALF THE EFFORT, MAXIMUM RESULTS. Simply release the forward pressure when the Springbrush is pushed into the interdental space and the device will automatically retract, in the process removing all of the interproximal plaque and food debris.

The inclusion of a built-in protective plunger is a noteworthy feature. It eliminates the risk of accidentally stabbing or spiking the gums while using the interdental brush. Additionally, it addresses the challenge of maintaining accurate angulation between interdental spaces. The plunger allows users to be less accurate in the path of insertion without compromising the integrity of the interdental brush. It can self-correct any inaccuracy in the brush’s angulation, which helps prolong the lifespan of the brush and ensures consistent cleaning efficacy. 

The Springbrush cleans where your toothbrush cannot reach. Utilizing a grip similar to holding a toothbrush, it offers a familiar and comfortable experience from the very beginning, making it easier for users to adapt to the new device. In addition, the meticulous design of the Springbrush ensures that it reaches the appropriate length in any interdental space, regardless of the size or shape of the tooth. This eliminates the need to push the interdental brush further than necessary, helping prevent potential discomfort or damage caused by excessive insertion.

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