Every mouth needs a good spring clean.

The spring mechanism allows for more control than ever over an interdental brush, making it easier to maintain optimum oral health

When to use the Springbrush

The Springbrush system is suitable for all people.  Because the interdental space is inaccessible for a toothbrush it cannot be reached with conventional brushing.  Therefore, bacteria accumulate in the interdental space and remain undisturbed for a period of time.  The Springbrush should become the primary method of cleaning for the areas that are not reached by conventional brushing. 

The following brushing routine is recommended:

  1. Clean the interdental spaces once a day, after conventional toothbrush cleaning,  before going to bed
  2. Ensure you cover all interdental spaces in the jaw
  3. For each interdental space, gently push the Springbrush into the space, release and let the Springbrush automatically retract. Then proceed to the next interdental space.

Cleaning Applications

Around Implants
Interdental Spaces
For Braces
Under Bridges
Around Crowns
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