Why Use the Springbrush

The Springbrush is a specifically designed brush that accounts for these requirements:

  1. High density soft nylon bristles
  2. Flexible surgical wire to fit into interdental spaces
  3. Rigid/Durable framework
  4. Ergonomic handle
  5. A click-on system for easy replacement
  6. Clean Interdental spaces in ONE push motion-energy saving (unique only to the Springbrush)

How to Choose Your
Interdental Brush Size

It can be difficult to select the correct size for an interdental brush.

The easiest way to start is by using the smallest size possible.  Look in the mirror and insert the brush between your teeth, close as possible to the gum.  It is advisable to work your way up in sizes remembering that you want to feel the brush bristles engage the gum tissue and an importantly tooth surface to make a snug fit.

It is critical that you never force the interdental brush between the teeth as it will damage your gums.  Ideally the brush should slide through easily, with only gentle pressure in a forward direction.   It is not uncommon to use two or more different sizes but depends how much the spaces vary in your mouth.  If it has been awhile since you cleaned in between your teeth for the gums can bleed and feel sore when you initially start but don’t stop as bleeding is sign of inflammation caused by build-up of plaque or food debris and ideally cleaned daily.  

How to use The Springbrush


Just cleaning your interdental spaces once a day is so effective in combating dental caries, gingivitis and periodontitis (gum disease) and halitosis (bad breath). 

Step 1.

Insert Springbrush interdental brush into head of the device.

Step 2.

Feel the interdental space with guiding part of the plunger and insert the plunger between teeth, interdental space and/or dental appliance.

Step 3.

Gently push in a forward direction until the plunger is completely retracted allowing the brush to protrude between the spaces.

Simply remove the forward pressure and the Springbrush will automatically retract.

Step 4.

To clean either rinse water through slits or for a more thorough clean remove the refill brush and rinse the device/brush under running water or rinse the brush through head.

Note: Remove the interdental brush by applying upward pressure to the end of the refill head 

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